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Booking Instructions Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Editing a Road Test Appointment

Using the online road test booking system on, you can change and print details for appointments that were booked on the phone, in person at a DriveTest Centre, or through this website. All you need is your driver’s licence number and expiry date.

Please note that you will lose your fee if you cancel or change/reschedules within 48 hours of your appointment. You must give DriveTest at least 48 hours notice prior to your scheduled appointment time to avoid forfeiting your road test fee.

Please note that you cannot modify the licence class for your road test without booking a brand new appointment and paying the associated test fee.

Once your driver’s licence has expired, you cannot modify or change an existing appointment, nor can you schedule any further appointments.

To reschedule a test or print appointment details,

  1. On the Book a Road Test Overview page, click the green Edit a Road Test button. Then, click Edit an Existing Road Test at the bottom of the screen.

The “Edit an existing road test.” screen appears.

  1. Enter your Driver’s Licence Number and Driver’s Licence Expiry date (YYYY/MM/DD) in the respective fields. Click the “I’m not a robot” checkbox (and answer the Captcha question(s) if asked) and then click the Submit button.

A Dashboard of all your previously booked tests, whether they were booked over the phone, at a DriveTest Centre, or using this website, will appear.

  1. If you would like to print your appointment details, click Print Summary, click Quit (in the top right), and ignore the remaining steps below.
    If you would like to change the location, date, or time, click the Reschedule Test button.

The Reschedule Test confirmation window appears. Click the Reschedule button to verify that you want to change aspects of your appointment.

The DriveTest Centre Locations screen appears. The system assumes that you want to be tested on the same type of licence class and shows all the locations that offer that type of road test.

  1. In the DriveTest Centre Locations screen, choose the same or a new location by selecting a navy blue pin on the map or an option in the list on the right of the screen. The location you had selected previously already appears in blue, but feel free to change it to suit your needs. Once your preferred location appears in blue on the right of the screen, click the Continue button.
  1. After you select a location, a calendar for that location will appear. White date boxes indicate there are openings on that day. Gray date boxes indicate that there are no free timeslots on that day at that location. Click on a white box to choose a date and then click Continue.

The available appointment time list loads and appears.

  1. Click on the desired appointment timeslot. Once selected, the timeslot should turn blue. Click Continue.
  1. After choosing a timeslot, a summary of your road test booking selections appears so that you can verify the details. Review this booking requirements summary:
    •  If you want to change the location, date, or time, click the Edit Booking button. You will return to the previous screen. Scroll back up to the locations selection map or calendar if you prefer.
    •  If you are satisfied with the location, date, and time, review the terms and conditions and click the check box, and then click the Submit button.

A “You are booked!” confirmation screen will appear with a bar code.

The online road test booking system also will automatically send you an appointment confirmation email.

  1. Print a confirmation, if desired, or click Quit in the top right corner of the browser tab to close your session. Please note that a printed copy of your booking confirmation is not required for check-in at the DriveTest Centre on the day of your road test — you can show details of the confirmation with the DriveTest agent from your mobile device/phone.
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