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Changing Information on a Driver’s Licence

In Ontario, your driver’s licence is an important piece of identification. You must keep the information on it and associated with it current.

Keeping Your Driver’s Licence Current

There are two main types of changes you can make to keep your driver’s licence current:

  • Updating personal information, such as name, address, height, etc.
  • Switching the class of licence, or licence conditions, such as adding air brakes or changing details to match the type of vehicle(s) you are now driving.

Generally, these changes involve issuing a new driver’s licence photo card. Your new card will come in the mail. When you receive your new card, you must destroy the old one.

Depending on the nature of the change, you can update your records online, at a ServiceOntario office, or at a DriveTest Centre.

Personal Information Changes

DriveTest Centres can process address, name, sex, height, etc. changes when you complete other types of transactions. For example, if you visit DriveTest to do a test, you can ask an agent to update your record while you’re there. Most routine changes to a valid driver’s licence photo card, however, can be made online or through a ServiceOntario office:

Customer service agent processing a personal information change
  • If you are changing your address, you can do that online or in-person through ServiceOntario.
  • If you are changing your name, date of birth, sex designation (from M to F or F to M), or height, you must visit a ServiceOntario office with your driver’s licence and original supporting documents for each change or correction.
  • To obtain a driver’s licence card with X in the sex designation field, you must visit a ServiceOntario office in person. No supporting documents are required.

To add a condition or restriction for glasses or corrective lenses (shown as a condition X on your driver’s licence card), you can visit a DriveTest Centre or ServiceOntario office. To remove the X condition, you must visit a DriveTest Centre and bring your current driver’s licence.

Removing the X condition also involves taking an eye test at the DriveTest Centre.

Driver’s Licence Class and Condition Changes

If you change the vehicle that you drive, you may need to change your licence. Depending on the change, this may involve additional testing at a DriveTest Centre.

Commercial Drivers’ Licences

If you are driving professionally, you must have a driver’s licence that corresponds to your vehicle. An exception applies only when you are learning and have an experienced, accompanying driver that holds a valid licence in that required class. Driving a vehicle in a different class independently — even once — requires a class and/or condition change at a DriveTest Centre. For example:

  • Driving a truck or bus with air brakes requires adding a Z endorsement.
  • Driving a larger bus that can carry an increased number of passengers may require a switch from Class F to a Class C.
  • Driving a school-purposes bus after driving for a commercial carrier requires additional testing and a vulnerable sector check.

Consult the criteria for the relevant classes of licence for more information.

Class G or Class M Drivers’ Licences

Most class and condition changes take place among those who drive professionally. However, there are some Class G and Class M change considerations as well. For example,

  • If you are earning your Class G or Class M licence, you will progress from an M1 or G1 to an M2 or G2, and then to a full Class G or Class M licence. Each of these steps requires a visit to a DriveTest Centre.
  • If you are licensed to drive a moped (Class M, with an L condition) and want to switch to a motorcycle (Class M, with no conditions), you must visit DriveTest for extra testing.
  • If you are licensed to drive a three-wheeled motorcycle (Class M, with a condition 1) and then switch to a motorcycle (Class M, with no conditions), you must take another road test.

When in doubt, visit a DriveTest Centre, ServiceOntario office, or the MTO website.

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