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Centre Accessibility

At DriveTest, we aim to provide accessible services for all Ontarians.

DriveTest Centre Features

Centres across Ontario are designed to accommodate — and include — everyone.

Accessible service counter

Serco Canada Inc. has published  accessibility standards for customer service and a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan that reflect Ontario Regulation 429/07 and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. Serco’s policy applies to all DriveTest Centres and the Support Office to ensure equal access to its goods and services.

DriveTest Centre Facilities

  • Located at street level.
  • Accessible service counters and desks.
  • Power doors, ramps, and railings.
  • Accessible parking, bathrooms, aisles, and waiting areas.
  • Support person and service animal allowances (but no pets or passengers other than the driver examiner are allowed in the vehicle during a road test).
  • Close to major highways, roads, and public transit.
  • Emergency response team and procedures (e.g., fire wardens, certified first aid/CPR providers).
  • Multiple methods of reaching us: in-person, telephone interactive voice response, live-operator call centre, as well as a responsive website.
  • Staff trained to accommodate all customers (e.g., driver examiners trained to use hand signals and evaluate drivers using altered vehicles).

Driver Examination Services

  • A variety of knowledge testing methods are available: verbal, handwritten, and computerized. People who have reading or writing challenges can take a verbal/audio knowledge test. Computerized knowledge tests have audio capabilities. If you require a verbal test administered by a DriveTest Centre employee, an appointment may be required. Please visit a DriveTest Centre for details.
  • People who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing may use sign-language interpreters for their knowledge tests and/or road tests. To use sign language support, you can email us to make an appointment for a sign-language knowledge test or schedule one by visiting the DriveTest Centre of your choice.
  • For accommodations where interpreter services are required for the road test vehicle inspection, pre-test instructions and post-test review, you must obtain prior approval from our AODA Board of Advisors.
  • For road accommodations due to a service animal, approval can be provided on the day of the road test by requesting accommodation with the Driver Examiner. A service animal will be permitted in the vehicle during a road test provided they do not pose a health and safety risk to the customer, Driver Examiner or other road users. If a service animal cannot be readily identified, DriveTest reserves the right to request documentation from a regulated health professional as per the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) to continue with the accommodation.
  • For other accommodations not listed, please view our Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy or contact the AODA Board of Advisors for further information. Include your full name, driver’s licence number (if applicable), contact information and the reason for your request. Our response will be communicated through your preferred method of contact.
  • DriveTest will reimburse you for the reasonable and necessary costs of hiring a sign-language interpreter. Please visit a DriveTest Centre for details.
  • For vision testing, screens can be moved as required, by simply unplugging the device and moving it into the desired location. Cameras can also be adjusted, if needed, by simply moving the device to the desired height.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about our facilities or services, or would like to advise us of any accommodations you require, please contact us.

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