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Booking Instructions Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions About Booking

Virtual Waiting Room Questions Answers


Why was I redirected to another screen to enter my payment details while booking a road test appointment?



To complete payment, customers are directed to a secured payment processing application. Once payment is complete, they are automatically redirected to the virtual waiting room page which will allow access to the booking system in less than a minute. At that point, the virtual waiting room page should not be closed, or the session will be terminated, and customers will be required to begin a new session.



What happens if a customer closes their browser when being directed back to the waiting room?



If the browser session is closed prior to confirming a road test appointment time/date, the fees charged will be reversed to the customer, based on their method of payment, and no fee will be processed. The automated road test booking system can only take payments if they are accompanied by a road test appointment.



I am required to verify my email address during my session. How can I keep my spot in queue?



Do not close the current browser session to ensure your spot in queue. Customers must complete the email verification within a 10-minute window by using the same browser session or by opening a new tab within the same session. This will ensure their position in queue is maintained and they are not placed at the start of the wait time queue.



While waiting can I access or other websites without affecting my position in queue?



Customers waiting in the waiting room are required to use a different browser or a new tab in the same browser to access or any other websites to avoid impacting their position in queue.



While booking a road test appointment online I noticed more than one charge on my card, how can I receive a refund for the additional fee?



The road test booking system uses a pre-authorization system during the booking process. If the road test booking is not successful, the debit/credit card is not charged but it may appear on the bank/credit card statement until it is automatically removed by the financial institution, used for the booking. The removal of an authorization is an automatic process by the financial institution. DriveTest is not able to expedite this process as we have not received the funds. Generally, the authorization is removed within 5-7 business days. For more information, please contact your financial institution used for this transaction, regarding the removal of this authorization.



I am encountering difficulties accessing the waiting room (system kicks me out of queue or does not allow me entry into the waiting queue), is there another way to schedule a road test appointment?



You may schedule, confirm, cancel, or rebook a road test appointment by visiting a DriveTest Centre or by calling the automated booking line at 1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331 to use the automated service or to speak to a live operator during business hours.



I am receiving an error message and I can’t seem to figure out why. Are there any tips in creating a successful booking?



If any of the following circumstances are true, you may experience a failed booking attempt and/or have to rejoin the queue:

  • The session has expired (customer took longer than 45 minutes to complete the booking)
  • The browser was closed while waiting in queue
  • The quit button was pressed, or the user navigated back to the Book a Road Test Page
  • A different browser was used to open the verification link sent to your email address
  • It takes more than 15 minutes to verify your email address
  • It takes more than 15 minutes to start the payment process or begin the booking after being let in from the queue
  • Your session has been inactive for 15 minutes or more during booking or payment
  • Your session expires before you can complete a payment
  • You have less than 15 minutes remaining on the road test booking session timer

Any fees approved during an unsuccessful booking will be reversed within 5-7 business days by your financial institution.



Which booking method will provide me with the earlier road test appointment date?



Road test appointment times are provided across all channels as they become available (e.g., in person at the DriveTest Centre, online, through a Call Centre Agent, through the automated booking line). There is no difference in using one channel over another, road test availability remains the same, regardless of the channel being used.



I received a warning that my browser is blocking popup windows and my payment will fail or has failed to open. How can I fix this?



Ensure you enable the popup functionality in your browser to avoid any payment processing issues.



Can I pay for a road test online without booking an appointment?



A road test appointment must accompany an online payment. If an appointment is not booked during the same session, fees taken will be reversed. Fees approved during an unsuccessful booking will be reversed within 5-7 business days by your financial institution. If you wish to add a payment to your record, please visit your nearest DriveTest location or speak to a live agent by calling 1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331.



There are no appointments available until 2025, when will more tests be added?



DriveTest only posts road test appointments up to six months in advance. If a user’s licence expires in 2025, they will see a calendar that includes dates in 2025. The user may see a fully greyed out calendar into 2025, but that does not mean there are no tests until 2025. As DriveTest adds more tests, additional appointment dates will become available.


Type of Issue Tips, Instructions, and Explanations


Payment Issues on Apple iOS Devices


If you are using Safari on an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.) running iOS11 or later, “prevent cross-site tracking” is a default feature in your Safari browser that prevents websites from tracking which sites you visit online. This is meant to protect your privacy and make it difficult for companies to track your browsing habits. However, this feature sometimes prevents iOS browsers from accessing DriveTest’s road test booking system payment processors. You will need to turn off the “prevent cross-site tracking” feature to allow the road test booking system to process your payment when you book a road test.

Depending on the device you use to book your road test, you may need to update your settings, in order to proceed.

Safari for Mac:

  1. Open Safari if it is not already open
  2. Click the “Safari” menu and choose “Preferences” and then “Privacy”
  3. Depending on your version of OS: Click off the “prevent cross-site tracking” box to disable this setting


Safari for iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Safari
  3. Privacy & Security
  4. Turn the toggle ‘Prevent Cross Site Tracking’ to ‘Off’


It is recommended to use Safari browser with the settings enabled as described above on all iOS devices.


Book your road test appointments in advance for DriveTest travel points.


DriveTest Travel point locations may not always be able to offer walk-in, standby, first-come-first-served road tests. All classes, in particular commercial class road test applicants, are strongly encouraged to book an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment, as standby road test appointments are not always immediately available at travel point locations.


Bookings Made After Completing a Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education Course


After completing a driver education course, some customers are noticing wait-time issues related to graduated licensing when they book a road test with Please note that, before booking a road test, driving schools must enter student course results into the MTO system to reduce the mandatory wait times for the G2 road test (12 months to 8 months). If the results are not entered into the MTO system, the first available booking date will display a date 12 months from when the student applied. If you do not wish to book the appointment that is 12 months from your first licensed date, contact your driver education course provider to confirm that the required information has been entered on the MTO system. If you encounter further issues, please contact us by phone (1-800-489-8450). You can also visit one of our DriveTest Centres for help.


MTO Requests Drivers to Complete a Road Test (e.g., for Seniors and Medical Referrals)


MTO requests, by mail, that certain drivers complete a road test. If you have received an MTO road test request (e.g., senior referral from a Group Education Session, customer aged 70+ involved in a collision, medical referral), please contact us by phone (1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331). You can also visit one of our DriveTest Centres to book. Unfortunately, we cannot currently process bookings through the website for this type of road test appointment.


Multiple Bookings Using the Same Email Address


Email addresses are required for road test bookings made with the website. The website may not support multiple bookings from different driver’s licences using the same email address. Try using a unique (e.g., the student’s) email address. If you encounter further issues, please contact us by phone (1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331). You can also visit one of our DriveTest Centres for help.


Credit Card Declined/Transaction Issues


To book a road test on this website, you need a valid credit card. For your protection, your credit card could be declined for a number of reasons by your card-issuing bank/credit card company. For example, the bank could decline to process multiple bookings using the same credit card in quick succession. If you believe your card should not have been declined, please call your bank using the 1-800 phone number on the back of the card.


Credit Card Pre-Authorization Concerns


The website uses a pre-authorization payment process. If the road test booking is not successful, the credit card is not charged but may appear as a pending or authorized transaction on the credit card statement. The removal of a pre-authorization is an automatic process. DriveTest is not able to speed up this process, as we have not received the funds. Generally, the pre-authorization disappears/is removed within 5 business days. You may wish to enquire with your bank/credit card company as to their timelines for the removal of pre-authorizations. If at any point the status changes from a pending/authorized transaction to a posted transaction, please contact us by phone (1-800-489-8450) for further investigation. You can also visit one of our DriveTest Centres for help.


Use of VISA Debit and MasterCard Debit Cards


The online road test booking system accepts credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) and VISA Debit only.

Road test bookings and payments can be made at all DriveTest Centres by cash (Canadian dollars only), credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express), regular debit card, certified business cheque, certified personal cheque, bank drafts or money orders (each made payable to Serco Canada Inc.), or travellers cheque (Canadian or American).

You can also mail (with a detailed cover letter) a certified cheque or money order made payable to Serco Canada Inc. where the road test will be conducted.


Confirmation Email in Junk Mail Folder uses email addresses for road test bookings. When you complete a successful booking transaction on the website, you will receive a verification email from [email protected]. If you do not see this email in your inbox, kindly check the junk mail folder in your email software. If you expect to make multiple bookings using, you may want to add [email protected] to your emails allowed list.
Web Browser Configurations After selecting your preferred road test booking options (e.g., licence type,date, time, DriveTest location), a popup window will appear. The online road test booking system uses popups to securely process credit card payments through Desjardins/Optimal Payments. If you do not see this popup window, please check all the open windows on your computer/device or check that your browser allows popups.


Web Browser Versions


The DriveTest online road test booking system is designed to support the Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, and Firefox browsers released in the last two years. IE 10 (and older versions of IE), for example, is not compatible with the online road test booking system for security reasons. If you are using an older browser, you may want to upgrade it to the latest version, try another browser, or contact us by phone (1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331) to book your appointment. You can also visit one of our DriveTest Centres for help.
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