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Payments, Cancellations, & Refunds

All payment, cancellation, “out of order”, and refund policies for driver examination services are established in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO).

Payments for Driver Examination Services

Driver’s licence applicants must pre-pay road test fees at the time of booking.

If you are booking an appointment online (i.e., over the phone or on this website), you can pre-pay your road test fee using a valid credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express).

Applicant making a payment

Payments can be made at all DriveTest Centres by cash (Canadian dollars only), credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express), debit card, certified business cheque, certified personal cheque, bank drafts or money orders (each made payable to Serco Canada Inc.), or traveller’s cheque (Canadian or American).

You can also mail a certified cheque or money order, made payable to Serco Canada Inc., to the centre where the road test will be conducted. Your cover letter must include your name, address, phone number, and driver’s licence number. Please do not send mail to a part-time travel point centre.

Pre-paid test fees are valid six years from the date of payment. A refund will be issued only if the request is made within six years from the date of payment.

DriveTest does not charge service fees for booking regular road tests; we charge only fees approved by MTO. If using third-party booking services, be aware of any admin fees that may be charged. No third parties providing booking services are affiliated with DriveTest.

Road Test Cancellations

All road test appointments are subject to the DriveTest cancellation policy. If you arrive late, fail to show up, or cancel within 48 hours of the appointment, you will lose your pre-paid road test fee. However, you will not lose your road test fee if one of the following conditions applies to you:

  • Inclement weather (e.g., hazardous freezing rain or snow)— prevents you from reaching the DriveTest Centre. You must request to re-schedule within 3 days of the missed appointment. After 3 business days, you must provide proof (e.g., newspaper article on extreme weather on test date). In the event of bad weather, please review the service disruptions page or call 1-888-570-6110 to hear a broadcast message for any cancellations.
  • Death in the immediate family — the proof is required (e.g., death certificate, memorial card, newspaper obituary, or notification of death).
  • Illness of the applicant or in the immediate family — the proof is required (e.g., doctor’s note).
  • Jury duty — the proof is required (e.g., jury duty form).
  • Incarceration (imprisonment) — the proof is required (e.g., summons/subpoena, police report, ticket).
  • Verified, unscheduled call to work or unexpected overtime requirement — the proof is required (e.g., note from HR or supervisor on company letterhead)

Road Test “Out of Orders”

A driver examiner may declare a road test “out of order” if an applicant, or their vehicle, does not meet minimum requirements or poses a health or safety hazard. Minimum requirements appear in Vehicle Requirements for Road Tests. If you receive an out of order, you will get a detailed explanation why and will lose 50% of your pre-paid road test fee. At your expense, you must reschedule and take the road test when you can meet the requirements.

Refunds for Driver Examination Services

You may receive a refund if you have moved to another province, no longer drive, act on behalf of a deceased driver, or have unused test fees. 

Refunds cannot be processed online. You can apply for a refund by visiting the office you originally paid at (i.e., a DriveTest Centre, a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office, or ServiceOntario) or by sending a request by mail to the organization that you originally pre-paid your fees to. Please use one of the following addresses to mail your refund request.

DriveTest Centre
Downsview Park
37 Carl Hall Road
Toronto, ON  M3K 2E2

Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office   OR
c/o  Ontario Shared Services
Revenue and Billing Management
LCS Operations
159 Cedar Street, 6th Floor, Suite 600
Sudbury ON P3E 6A5

When you are no longer driving in Ontario and applying for a refund, you must return any Ontario driver’s licence you have in your possession and include a typewritten (ideally), signed letter stating your mailing address, your Ontario driver’s licence number and/or name and date of birth, and request for refund. Other details may be required; see the table below.

All refund payments are made by cheque and by mail. DO NOT include a credit card number in your refund request.


If you have moved to another province, state, or country, you can request a refund for the unused portion of your pre-paid road test fee and/or each unexpired 6-month period remaining on your driver’s licence with the following proof:

  • A copy of your new driver’s licence issued by the jurisdiction you are living in now, showing the date of issue; OR
  • A letter from the other jurisdiction’s licensing authorities, confirming you are now a licensed driver there, and the date that you surrendered your Ontario licence.

Please note that, if you are moving to another Canadian jurisdiction, that jurisdiction will require your Ontario driver’s licence to be handed in for exchange purposes.

No Longer Driving?

If you reside in Ontario and will no longer be driving, you may apply for a refund for each unexpired 6-month period remaining on your licence. However, you must first return your driver’s licence to ServiceOntario for cancellation. Once returned, send a letter requesting the refund and confirming that you will no longer be driving to DriveTest (or Ontario Shared Services). The refund will be calculated from the date that you cancel your driver’s licence.

Death of Applicant/Deceased Driver

Families or next of kin for deceased driver’s licence applicants may apply for a refund. In addition to the requirements specified above, include the name and address of the recipient of the refund cheque. Provide either a death certificate OR a notification of death from the police, the judiciary, or a lawyer as part of your request. Sorry, but we cannot accept a funeral notice (obituary) from a newspaper or similar publication for refunds.

Unused Test Fee

If you prepaid an examination fee for a test that was not taken, you can request a refund for the unused test fee. Please note that a refund will be issued only if the request is made within 6 years from the date of payment.

Refund processing usually can take up to 30 business days. If you have not received your cheque after 30 business days, please contact us.

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